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Science Learning Area
In the Science Learning Area, students learn to investigate, understand and communicate about the physical, biological and technological world and, in the process, appreciate the interactions that support life on our planet. Science helps students to become critical thinkers by encouraging them to use evidence to evaluate what they will see and what they hear. 

Each student has the opportunity to enrich their Science learning by undertaking individual projects, by taking part in group projects or by participating in activities and competitions organised by tertiary institutions and professional associations. The learning links already established with the University of Western Australia and the Institute of Child Health Research provide further opportunities for scientifically talented students. 

In Middle School at Perth Modern School, Science is organised into five categories: 

  • Working scientifically 
  • Natural and processed materials 
  • Life and living 
  • Energy and change 
  • Earth and beyond
In Senior School, study is based on the student’s selected TEE subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Human Biological Science, Physics and Psychology. Application of understanding, analysis, synthesis and evaluation is required and enrichment and extension opportunities are used to develop contextual understanding.  

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